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       本文题目为:Principle and application of 3D printing technology,以下为Essay代写范文全文,如有Essay代写需要请联系网站客服。


  With the development of society, science and technology mixed with manufacturing industry have come into our life. More and more objects use modeling to serve our life with the concept of sustainable development. Behind this technology, we call additive manufacturing, or 3D printing technology.

  3D printing, or rapid prototyping, is a technique that builds objects layer by layer by layer, based on digital model files and using adhesives such as powdered metal or plastic. Here are some ways of 3D printing.

  Photocurable resin is a transparent, viscous photosensitive liquid, using the chemical and thermal action of light energy to solidify liquid resin, control the shape of light energy layer by layer curable resin, stacked to form the required three-dimensional solid parts. Usually there are three kinds of light, one is through a window mask exposure to the resin surface, make the material produces surface exposure, 2 it is to control the scan head make the high-energy beam selective exposure in the surface of resin, three is to use the projector cast must have the shape of the light source to the surface of resin, to achieve its surface exposure, has more efficiency, the method of using the uv-curable resin material often called light curing method. This method is also known as the SLA method.

  The advantages of such technology are high speed, high precision and rapid prototyping. Insufficient place is photosensitive fat material is toxic, the operator is protected more.

  Laminated entity manufacturing also calls the thin shape selective cutting materials, involving machinery, CNC, polymer materials and computer technology, is one of the important branch, increasing material manufacturing technology by laser, optical system, x-y scanning mechanism, material transport mechanism, hot-pressing paste institutions, platform and control system, this technology is also called the LOM technology. The advantages of this kind of technology lie in the advantages of objects with large forming space and the advantages of raw material cost. The disadvantages are that the elasticity is not good enough and deformation is easy.

  Melt deposition forming, also known as melt extrusion molding, is composed of wire feeding mechanism, nozzle, table, motion mechanism and control system. Material is heated to a molten state in the nozzle, and computer based on layered cross section along a certain path and speed of information control mouth move, being squeezed out from the nozzle and the molten material with a layer of material together, in the cold air, each layer, forming the workbench or move up and down a layer of distance the nozzle, continue to fill the next layer, until the forming, note that the material and the heat balance inside the nozzle, and 3 d modeling, this technology is called FDM technology. The advantage of this kind of technology is simple structure and low cost.

  Engineering, some parts production requirement is high, the traditional process often cannot reach or even reaches but the high cost of using cheap plastic resin can create amazing detail, presents the precision of the complex design flexibility, repeatability, scalability, and so on, on the other hand is used for small batch or single engineering products.

  Teaching development, in one hundred, the education for this, in recent years, the state of higher education costs, teachers can make use of 3 d technology to print some education model, can let the student see space structure, more intuitive to use their imagination space, at the same time, 3 d printing technology using some algorithm, and some knowledge of CAD, can let the students know ahead of time, develop their own hobbies.

  In terms of medical treatment, 3D technology is limited by the size of objects, so we can ask for accuracy and balance of forces in printing, which can be used to print artificial limbs to help more people who lost their legs accidentally to stand up again and live like normal people. "3D printed heart" is another achievement of using 3D printing technology to simulate human organs. The 3D printed heart can be used as a copy of the anatomy of the heart, which is great for practicing complex heart surgery. It can also print "kidney organs", but the technology is not yet ready.

  Construction industry, the process will save the contractor assembly of individual components, and then on the foundation structures, assembly of individual components, the final architecture can be generated directly from the printer, 3 d printers as long as the focus in the sand move can make the pellet sintering solid structure, in fact, this technique can even completely subverts the traditional construction industry. Compared with the traditional construction industry, the 3D printing construction quality will be better, and use less manpower, with complex curved wall.


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