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  文章题目:International cooperation
  Since the 1970s,the pattern of international relations has undergone significant changes,which has promoted the rise and development of international cooperative research.This paper discusses the interdependence of the trajectory of the theories of international cooperation,and cooperation between China and asean,for example,from the main factors contributing to the development of china-asean relations and the establishment of China-asean free trade area two aspects,the significance of visible,China's cooperation with asean is an important part of east Asian integration process,its success to promote the development of east Asian integration has a good demonstration effect.
  In 1977,the American scholar Robert keogh han and Joseph nai published book power and interdependence.In 1984,Robert keogh han introduced force after the hegemony in the world political and economic cooperation and conflict",in the same year,Robert axelrod of the evolution of"cooperation".In October 1985,world politics published a set of articles on cooperation issues.The following year Kenneth the Iraq published the influential"cooperation under anarchy",become the masterpiece cooperative research.One of the purposes clearly stated by the United Nations in its charter is"to promote international cooperation in solving international problems of an economic,social,cultural and human welfare nature among states."However,the outbreak of the cold war and the formation of the bipolar structure made international cooperation difficult.Since the 1970s,the pattern of international relations has undergone significant changes,which has promoted the rise and development of international cooperative research.
  In the 1970s,the concept of mutual dependence was widely concerned by international political scholars."We live in an era of interdependence,"he said.The nations of the world have become interdependent in terms of economy,communication and human ideals.The international political scholars of the time,whether they were realists,behaviorists,or what became known as neoliberalism,used interdependence to some extent to characterize The Times.Interdependence expresses a kind of state in international politics,and is a characteristic expression of the mutual influence of different ultra actors,which is often the result of the international communication theory.
  In the international political reality of interdependence,the international cooperation theory has been developing rapidly.Generally speaking,the research of the theory of international cooperation mainly involves the content,realization approach,performance and related research methods of international cooperation.In the 1970s,international multilateral cooperation,the rapid development of non-governmental organizations,especially transnational corporations,and the emergence of global financial market took shape.Mutual dependence is a situation where countries or other international actors interact with each other.However,mutual dependence only exists when the communication activities are generated and each other pays the price.As power plays a role in mutual dependence,the latter has two aspects,namely sensitivity and vulnerability.According to kiohan and nye,the realistic assumption cannot well reflect the international political reality,but it can depict the international political reality more realistically with a pattern of"compound interdependence".This model of interdependence is fundamentally different from the old model of power politics:the former focuses on high-level political issues such as security,balance of power and sphere of influence,while the latter focuses on low-level political issues such as natural resources,energy and environment.The former regards inter-state relations as the"national interest"of conflict,while the latter holds that countries are interdependent and share common interests and international cooperation.In terms of concrete laws,the former is the law of balance of power,"what you gain is what I lose",while the latter is the law of cooperation,"what we lose is all gain".The former prefers bilateral management while the latter prefers multilateral management.In terms of specific organizational mode,the former is a hierarchical system with two or more poles,while the latter is closer to egalitarianism.These statements lead to the practical necessity and possibility of international cooperation.
  With the expansion of interdependence in the world economy and international cooperation,focusing on the study of international institutions is of great significance to advancing international cooperation.Neoliberal institutionalists argue that because of the international system,post-hegemonic cooperation is possible and realistic.Conceptually,the international system refers to"a set of formal or informal rules that define the duties of the act,limit the action and affect the enduring interconnectedness of the actor's expectations".International cooperation refers to"inter-governmental cooperation as a result of the process of policy coordination,when the policies followed by one government are regarded by the governments of other countries as promoting mutual understanding of their own goals".According to neo-liberal institutionalism,the international system plays a role in cooperation:promoting the conclusion of specific cooperative agreements among countries and providing information and trust foundation for the establishment of new cooperative relations;To alleviate the pressure of egoism,lack of regulation and market failure and promote the positive development of established cooperative relations;The principles and rules of the mechanism make the pursuit of short-sighted interest less attractive by facilitating the interconnection of issues.As for how to analyze the relationship between international system and international cooperation,neo-liberal institutionalism provides the analysis methods of game theory and functionalism.However,similar to the international mechanism theory of realism,it also serves to maintain the world hegemony system led by the United States.Moreover,it does not explain very well the factors that impede international cooperation,such as power and country considerations of relative gains.
  With the end of the cold war,almost all countries in the world economy were involved in a unified market economy system;In the field of international politics,the two-level confrontation pattern breaks down and global interdependence becomes the most prominent feature of the era.In the 1990s,the development of constructivist theory was an innovation in international political research methods and provided a new perspective for people to understand international cooperation.Alexander・winter"multiculturalism"are put forward."In most organizations,people cooperate not only because they cooperate to realize their personal interests,but also because they have a sense of loyalty and identity to the norms of cooperation.""Institutionalization means a culture of cooperation It's much thicker."According to the theory of constructivism,cooperation way is as follows:first,in the international structure,interactive behavior body in individual or group,category,character,and the collective to confirm their identity in the four types,that is because"every kind of identity is not only a script or schema,to different extent because of cultural form,involving in some situations such as who we are and what we should do."And,"interest is a prerequisite for identity Without identity,interests lose their direction."Constructivism starts from investigating how countries understand their interests in specific problem areas,and the identification and distribution of interests of relevant countries can help to understand whether cooperation is possible.As long as there is a cognitive community,countries tend to cooperate in the first place.
  International cooperation is an important field of international political research.Today is an era of globalization.No country can develop in isolation from the international community.It is necessary to point out that the discussion of international cooperation in the context of global interdependence,and the research on international cooperation by Chinese international political scholars,has been gradually deepened from introduction and evaluation.
  Today,with the continuous development of globalization,the cooperation between China and asean is an important link in the process of east Asian integration.Its successful promotion has a good demonstration effect on the development of east Asian integration.East Asian cooperation has become a highlight in regional cooperation.China adheres to the guidelines of"building friendship and partnership with neighbors"and"building an amicable,prosperous and secure neighborhood"in developing relations with asean countries.The two sides have expanded exchanges and cooperation in political,economic and cultural fields,increased political mutual trust,launched the asean-china free trade area,increased bilateral trade and investment,and strengthened cooperation in non-traditional security areas.
  The main factors contributing to the development of china-asean relations are various.In the new century,the economy of asean countries has just emerged from the shadow of the east Asian financial crisis.However,the economic growth of most countries has fluctuated due to the slowdown of the us economy and the sharp decline in international demand for electronic products.However,China's economic dominance in east Asia has increased the pressure on asean countries.There are widespread concerns about China's challenge and competition to asean.Under such circumstances,China's proposal to establish a china-asean free trade area undoubtedly plays an important role in eliminating asean's doubts and enhancing its belief in cooperation with China.Moreover,China's attitude towards multilateral cooperation in the region has changed from a cautious wait-and-see attitude in the early 1990s to an active involvement,striving to play an important role in regional affairs and establish an international image as a responsible major country.To further develop the good-neighborly partnership of mutual trust between China and asean and strengthen economic and trade cooperation is also an irresistible trend.During the financial crisis in the 1990s,China gave great help to asean,made great efforts to maintain the stability of regional economic forms,actively implemented the economic projects of cooperation with asean,gained the trust of asean countries,and put bilateral relations on the path of sound development.
  In the early years of the new century,with the world economic growth slowed down,the us economy in 2001"9・11"terrorist attacks hit a recession,to export to economic growth,which relies heavily on western markets of asean countries have to look more toward east Asia.In particular,China's economy has been growing at a high rate of more than 7%year after year.Asean wants to ride China's economic train and rely less on western markets.And because of the geographical proximity,closer cooperation between asean and China is an inevitable trend.Many southeast Asian leaders are more optimistic about an increasingly strong and confident China because they believe that a weak and divided China will harm the interests of the region.
  The regional economic cooperation between China and asean under the framework of the free trade area has entered a new stage of all-round development.The main performance is:the formal signing of the goods trade agreement;the first china-asean expo was successfully held.The areas of cooperation between the two sides have been expanded.Cooperation between some provinces and cities of asean and China is getting better.
  The establishment of china-asean free trade area has positive significance for both China and asean.The establishment of the china-asean free trade area is a historic step in the process of china-asean cooperation.It fully reflects the good wishes of the leaders of both sides to strengthen good-neighborly and friendly relations,and also reflects the ever-strengthening economic ties between China and asean.It is a new milestone in the development of china-asean relations.From the perspective of the relations between China and asean countries,the establishment of the china-asean free trade zone is conducive to resolving asean's doubts about China and promoting China's comprehensive,in-depth and rapid development of friendly relations with southeast Asia.From the perspective of establishing the new international order,the establishment of the china-asean free trade area is conducive to the solidarity and cooperation of developing countries.From the perspective of national security,the establishment of china-asean free trade area helps to ensure the smoothness of China's maritime transport channels and the exploration of maritime space.From the perspective of improving asean's international status,the establishment of the china-asean free trade area helps asean play a greater positive role in international social affairs.The establishment of the china-asean free trade area will have a great impact on the economic development of Asia and even the world.It would be the world's largest free-trade zone by population.From the perspective of economic scale,it will be the third largest free trade area in the world after the European Union and the north American free trade area,the third largest free trade area in the world jointly created by China and 10 asean countries,and the largest free trade area composed of developing countries.The establishment of the china-asean free trade area will better promote the talent flow,logistics,capital flow and information flow among countries in the region,more effectively promote the development of regional markets,create more wealth and seek welfare for the people of all countries in the region.The establishment of the china-asean free trade area will help asean seize China's big market,attract foreign investment and facilitate the integration process of asean.It is reasonable for asean to establish and develop close economic and trade relations with foreign countries.The establishment of china-asean free trade area has realistically inspired Japan,Japan and asean to establish a free trade area to promote Asian integration.
  Thus,with the constant development of regional economic integration in the world today,east Asia economic development today has made remarkable achievements,China's cooperation with asean is an important part of east Asian integration process,its success to promote good demonstration effect on the development of east Asian integration,cooperation benefits brought by the induced with relevant countries to actively join the east Asian integration process.



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