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  Green development pattern and green way of life is linked together,it is a reflection of traditional natural ecological wisdom,also with the time the product of the combination of marxist ecological thought,in all aspects of economic,political,and social culture construction into the concept of green development,resource saving and ecological protection,the combination of commitment to sustainable development.Green development means firmly taking the development road of production development,living affluence and ecological civilization,ensuring the harmonious coexistence of human and nature,and ensuring the steady progress of social modernization.Adhering to the green development mode is the only way to build a beautiful China.The green lifestyle under the guidance of the green development concept is the awakening of people’s life concept and life style.
  People change the past a single pursuit of material satisfaction,began to look at the reflection of previous way of life,in addition to pay attention to the interests of the individual,also began to think about the social nature of development,adhere to the harmonious,green,and the comprehensive development concept,abandon the extreme individualism,out of its deformity of consumerism,combine personal interests and social collective interests,pay attention to the social sustainable development as a whole.Party’s 18“four one”general layout,the economic construction,political construction,cultural construction,social construction and ecological civilization construction,promoted the“five one”the overall layout and write into the eighteenth big report,become to promote China’s economic and social development strategy,the great momentum,layout,fully embodies the socialist construction with Chinese characteristics and build a well-off society in an all-round way of systematic and systemization.The 19th CPC national congress clearly pointed out that the overall layout of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics is“five-in-one”.For a nation or a country,the development concept must have a corresponding way of life.In the new era,we advocate green development,and the corresponding lifestyle is green life.
  Green development way and way of life is green development concept under the guidance of theory and reality,the product of subjective and objective combination,it puts forward from xi jinping in contemporary scientific grasp the practice of building socialism with Chinese characteristics,from the Chinese communists inherited the concept of scientific development,from the construction of China bear responsibility and mission to pursue beauty.The proposal of green development mode and life style also has realistic significance.
  Constant development of economy in our country,also meet ecological destruction in the development of the bottleneck restriction,especially since the reform and opening up,China’s ecological civilization construction is not coordinated with the economic take-off,we more in-depth research on the socialist construction law,we began to rethink the strategic significance of construction of ecological civilization and the eighteenth big put forward“five one”the construction of the general layout,the ecological civilization construction into economic and social development,green development are derived from the method and way of life.In essence,this is the inherent requirement of scientific practice and the guiding direction for the sustainable and stable development of China’s society.The party is in power for the people and adheres to the scientific outlook on development.Under the guidance of scientific development concept,we must take the road of green development and life.The former lays the ideological foundation and theoretical origin for the latter.Marx’s development elaboration also involves the thought of green development,which holds that the nature is objective and preconceived to man,man is always a part of nature,and man depends on nature for survival and development.Therefore,we must recognize,respect and protect nature.Guided by marxism,the CPC naturally must adhere to green development and lifestyle.This is the inheritance and development of the scientific outlook on development of the communist party of China.
  The green development mode and life mode are based on the green development concept,which is supported by practice and based on theory.In the new era,building a beautiful and prosperous China is the task of the party and the hope of the people.Xi jinping has found in practice that to achieve the beauty and prosperity of the nation,we must maintain a full fighting capacity,which comes from the correct concept of development.The decline of traditional industry also proves the irrationality of simply taking the road of economic development.The 19th national congress clearly stated that building ecological civilization is the millennium project for the sustainable development of the Chinese nation.The construction of ecological civilization requires us to adhere to the green development mode and life style.Therefore,adhering to the green development mode and life style is the objective requirement of building a beautiful China.
  If we want to carry out in action,we must attach great importance to our thoughts.Therefore,if we want to realize green development and green life,we must infiltrate the idea and strengthen the green consciousness.Respecting and protecting nature is the objective law of social development.We must act in accordance with the objective law.Man and nature are symbiotic relationships,and the damage to nature is bound to be“rewarded”by humans.It is a necessary way to build ecological civilization.We must adhere to the concept of green development,properly handle the relationship between economic development and ecological protection,and let the two live together in harmony.Only in this way can we maintain sufficient vitality in economic development.The 19th national congress of the communist party of China pointed out that people and nature should live in harmony and treat the ecological environment as if they were life.At present,China’s economic and social development also reveals some problems,such as waste of resources and ecological imbalance,which reminds us to set up the concept of green development and life.Only by setting up a correct way of life development can we realize the necessity and urgency of green development and life.The psychological identity enables the masses to put green development and life in a prominent position,and better resolve the contradiction between current resource utilization,ecological protection and economic development.
  With the development of China’s economy,more and more problems have been exposed,which also leads us to think and discuss about our green development and lifestyle.We must focus on the key tasks of promoting a green development model and a green lifestyle.Specifically,we need to change the current mode of economic development.The emphasis is on scientific and technological innovation and management optimization to expand the scale of development and improve the level of production.In accordance with the new development concept,we will adhere to green development,improve the quality of our people and adjust the industrial structure.Based on the strategic height,we should sort out the main line of economic development mode under the new normal of economic development and carry out supply-side structural reform.We will adhere to the principle of“eliminating capacity,deleveraging,reducing costs and making up for shortfalls”and follow the path of industrial development through coordinated innovation and green sharing.We will intensify efforts to control pollution.We should focus on air pollution,regional water pollution and soil pollution,and ensure the interests of the people.In pollution control,we must adhere to the principle of establishing a party for the public and governing for the people.We should strengthen the intensive use of resources.Resource conservation and environmental protection are the basic state policies to promote the comprehensive utilization of resources.Both production,circulation and consumption should save resources,especially to avoid the waste of non-renewable resources.We will promote green consumption.We should avoid excessive consumption,blind consumption,showing off consumption and other wrong consumption.We should adhere to green consumption,inherit the traditional virtues of conservation of the Chinese nation,conform to China’s basic national conditions at the present stage,protect and improve the natural environment,consume more rationally and scientifically,and protect existing resources.
  General secretary xi jinping has stressed that leading cadres are the key to ensuring effective ecological and environmental protection and putting us on the path of green development and life.Therefore,we must unswervingly implement the responsibility system for the construction of ecological civilization for leading cadres,follow the regulations in accordance with the law,be objective and just,scientifically recognized,with equal rights and responsibilities,so that green development and life can be fully implemented.The implementation of the green development mode and lifestyle must consolidate the leadership foundation,give play to the leadership advantages of leaders,and ensure the top-down implementation of the green development concept.If we want to establish the leadership foundation of green development,we must establish effective cadre assessment standard.The most important thing is to establish a scientific and reasonable performance evaluation system,guide leaders at all levels to set up a green development performance view,and implement the green development strategy well under the guidance of the green development performance view.It is no longer simply an assessment of economic growth.Under the false guidance of the traditional concept of development,we are used to equating development with the increase of GDP.Leaders at all levels focus on economic growth,pay too much attention to economic growth rate and ignore the imbalance between economic development and ecological development.In view of the current new normal of economic development,leaders at all levels must change their ideas,get rid of the extensive management mode and forbid predatory development of resources.Economic development must keep pace with ecological construction,and economic development must not be at the expense of the environment.Leaders at all levels,under the baton of the assessment,consciously promote and implement the concept of green development and lifestyle.We should foster a correct view of development and ecology and pay attention to the needs of the masses.Clear rewards and punishment,responsibility to the people,to achieve the party and government leading bodies to optimize the construction of green development and implementation of the way of life.
  The development of The Times,green development and life concept is gradually familiar and recognized by the public.To achieve sustainable development of society and harmonious coexistence between human and nature,we must adhere to the concept of green development and unswervingly promote the green lifestyle.We should strengthen the implementation of leadership responsibilities,address key problems,and strengthen the concept of green development.



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