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      Today's society, the progress of science and technology promoted the rapid popularization of mobile Internet, electronic commerce development in one day, a variety of commercial forms offline struggling, the supermarket also faces great challenge, its operation and management mode has been unable to cope with the current fierce competition environment, be badly in need of introducing business management mode of suitable. In this paper, the application of the amoeba business management mode rooted in Japanese business philosophy is studied for local enterprises in China, and the operation and management mode that can help traditional supermarkets to improve their management level and performance is finally determined.
      With the development of science and technology and the rapid rise of e-commerce, all kinds of offline business forms are facing threats. Even international supermarkets like wal-mart have closed down in succession, and traditional supermarkets are facing great pressure of competition. It is an urgent problem for traditional supermarkets to improve management level and achieve excellent performance by introducing management mode suitable for their own characteristics. This paper takes the traditional supermarket as the research object and conducts the application research of the amoeba operation and management mode in depth.
      The amoeba operation and management mode is to divide the organization into many small organizations called amoeba. Each organization ACTS as an independent profit center, independent operation and independent accounting, and cultivates leaders with the awareness of operators, so that all employees can participate in the operation and realize the operation mode of full participation.
      The amoeba model defines business accounting as "pursuing maximization of sales and minimization of expenses" and establishes an effective market-linked unit accounting system. Amoeba's leaders enjoy the right of management, have the right to make plans and take measures, which can cultivate talents with the awareness of operators. It helps to build the team's self-initiative spirit and cultivate the employee's ownership mentality, which can push the enterprise into the track of benign operation.
      If an enterprise wants to develop rapidly with the aid of the amoeba operation and management mode, the most important thing is how to integrate it into all aspects of enterprise operation and management successfully. Take the supermarket as an example to study the application of amoeba management in enterprises.
      In the actual management of the enterprise, the financial profit statement should be used as the prototype, and the income statement and expense statement of all the stores of the enterprise should be divided into several small stores through corresponding rules. Each store is an independent profit center, accounting independently and making decisions independently, thus generating several small businesses.
      Specific to traditional supermarkets, the accounting table must reflect the principle of refinement. In the operation of each store, a unit time accounting table should contain dozens of items, including income management, fund management and time management, etc., to be divided in detail, and each item should be clearly expressed in the form of amount. Then, the weekly year-on-year analysis should be conducted according to the monthly financial statements of each store, and the business strategy should be adjusted accordingly. By establishing the system of departmental accounting directly linked to the market, the traditional supermarket can realize the successful connection between the company's interests and the employees' interests, and thus effectively guarantee the development of the enterprise.
      In supermarkets with traditional management mode, the working status of most grassroots employees is passive and undisciplined. The root cause is that the daily profit or loss of the supermarket has nothing to do with the employee's salary. As a result, supermarkets need to find an incentive that both saves money and improves their operating capacity. The most effective way to motivate employees is to establish a direct relationship between the company's performance and the employees. The amoeba management model is the best solution.
      Amoeba realized the revolution of management and operation mechanism, divided the enterprise into several amoeba, and arranged their respective leaders to realize independent accounting. Amoeba's leaders have the right to make their own plans and set their own goals. In order to achieve business objectives, the amoeba leadership must take the initiative to reduce their own consumption, improve work efficiency, and try to increase prices on the basis of negotiations with the downstream amoeba. In the supermarket, the operation of amoeba should be the same as the operation of a small independent company. Through daily operation, amoeba can effectively train employees to improve their abilities in various aspects, and then make them grow into managerial talents with the awareness of operators. At the same time, the operation of amoeba changes the passive position of employees into the active position, and finally into the position of paying members' remuneration by creating profits. The change of position can also cultivate a large number of independent management leaders for enterprises.
      In traditional business management thinking, management is often the responsibility of senior managers, and has nothing to do with ordinary employees, which directly leads to employees' thinking of how much they can do and how much they can get. The amoeba model advocates that business owners should take the initiative and effectively authorize, and the unique quantified decentralization operation adopted by the model enables each amoeba to be entrusted with the right of management, thus realizing the full participation in the operation.
      Traditional supermarkets should involve all employees in operation through the following methods: first, open the operation status of each amoeba in the enterprise by means of morning meeting and so on. In this way, employees can test the results of their operation and senior managers can know the operation status of the enterprise at any time, thus achieving a win-win situation. The second is to implement the partnership system for front-line employees, that is, to delegate the right of management to employees, so that each employee can become the boss without having to invest, and participate in corporate dividends according to the growth of performance. In this way, each employee can make profits for the company voluntarily and gain considerable income and opportunities to put his or her business skills to good use. Third, after the profit amount is set, the company and employees shall share the profits, and fully respect the discussion results of employees in terms of the proportion. In this way, the income of employees is linked to the income of their department, so that employees can realize that they can get more returns only if they constantly open source and save money. By using the amoeba model, employees can change their lazy status, become enthusiastic about services, and even use their knowledge and resources to improve the management level of the department, so as to achieve open source. At the same time, as amoeba's business is divided into pure profits, employees will consciously avoid unnecessary cost waste. Taking the fruit and vegetable department as an example, the introduction of amoeba can encourage employees to handle fruits and vegetables with care and follow the procedures of keeping them fresh. In the end, the wastage rate of the supermarket will be greatly reduced, so as to realize throttling. It can be seen that the full participation of amoeba's employees can help the enterprise to build an automatic and spontaneous team spirit, change employees' thoughts, motivate their ownership mentality, and effectively promote the benign operation of the enterprise.
      This paper takes supermarkets as the research object, conducts in-depth analysis of their characteristics, and then carries out the application research of the ameba operation and management model. First, it studies the application of financial accounting. By establishing the unit accounting system linked to the market, this model realizes the correlation between corporate interests and employee interests, and lays a foundation for enterprise development. Second, the personnel training application research, amoeba's leadership has the right to make plans and take measures, therefore can cultivate management personnel. Third, the study on the application of total participation in business operation. This model helps to build the automatic and spontaneous spirit of the enterprise team, and the whole participation in business operation can effectively promote the benign operation of the enterprise. This study analyzed from the perspective of practice, and finally concluded that the amoeba model is a business model suitable for traditional supermarkets, which can be introduced and successfully implemented, and can effectively help enterprises improve management level and performance, which is of great significance for the long-term development of traditional supermarkets.



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