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Internet and how it affects social skill brain

    Internet has changed life around us such as habit in life. In addition, the internet includes the social applications such as Twitter, WeChat and QQ, play an important roles in the communication. Therefore, this article is dedicated to research on the internet and how it affects social skill brain. 
    In fact, the internet has a positive impact on the social skill brain. Communication skill is an important social skill in the social life. The target of the communication is preferred to understand each other and reach the final destination in the final stage. With the transformer of the communication from the social to internet especially on the social application, the symbol is instead of the communication verb and words in the progress of the online communication. In addition, the symbol is trained for the brain for the thinking, what they are standing for in the process of the talking. 
    Besides that, the internet talking is taking close to the distance around the world such as voice communication, video communication and other communication on the internet. Sometimes, the voice is combined with the typing the words, therefore, the brain can be trained in the process of the internet communication. Also, social skills are also included the body language so that the film could be acted in the process of the internet. In addition, Social skills can be through a variety of project/activity and the appropriate treatment strategy, research has yet to check use the art activity as the influence of the media to promote socio - the improvement of communicative skills. Smiley face, emoticons and emojis means emotional communication in the short cut. Smiley face and emoticons are largely synonym ¬ memos and describe online punctual standard question, the role of the board of directors. Colon is the most common, followed by a right parenthesis ¬ papers, or :), it is a smiling face counterclockwise 90°. Emojis can small pictures of the actual face, computer program, and many of today's tablet and smartphone to provide them as they are a standard feature. Emojis can preface for humans and animals, have no face, but heart, flower, fruit, or other items. Number of punctuation in early of the 1980 s, is to help prevent run online communication misunderstandings. Emojis also can be a fun and sparkling envelope online letters for you. A small picture may not be worth one thousand words, but it still can be a whimsical in addition to the sentence wrote. Also according to the SwiftKey study, one of the most popular all over the world emojis is generally happy face (44.8%), followed by the sad face (14.3%), heart (12.5%), and gestures (5.3%). Not too popular, but still is measurable mon¬keys, party, flowers, and the clock.
    In summary, these symbols on the internet communication could enhance the development on the brains for the social skills. In addition, this communication symbol for the image which could be used for the online communications. As the consequence, the brain could be trained. 


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